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Hi! My name's Sam Mauck. I'm an illustrator working out of Brooklyn & Westport MA, available for freelance hire. My specializations are in fantasy and children's book illustration, as well as character design, maps, and signage.

Check out my comic book Foxgard. I have the first issue up for free on the website.

If you're interested in hiring me for illustration or graphic design work please check out my Resume and Get In Touch!

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FOXGARD is a fantasy-comedy comic I developed with my friend Peter Konowski. It follows the would-be hero Foxgard as he travels the world trying to make a name for himself. Along for the ride is his bard companion Marcello, a would be teller of epic tales looking for the right hero to inspire him. These are the first 16 pages FREE for you to view and share while I work on finishing the rest of the 50 page script. Be sure to follow me on Facebook and Instagram to stay up-to-date as more becomes available!

view the online edition

Big Pictures

Here are two pieces for you to explore. They're an example of the large media I work with.

Ulldrum is the world in which FOXGARD takes place. If you've read the first issue I've released, this is a good chance for you to explore the land and get immersed in the world I've created.

My Senior Thesis from Connecticut College was to depict the Herculean Tasks while doing

a similarly "insurmountable" task myself. The scroll is 80ft long and was hand-drawn and printed and can be viewed by clicking the link

and be warned some images may be NSFW

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